Action Against Corruption

Network group on the work against corruption in companies 

This group is for those responsible for anti-corruption efforts in your company, and want professional assistance and an exchange of experiences

Corruption continues to be a significant obstacle to economic and social development in the world, and particularly affects economically disadvantaged local communities. It can also disrupt business growth, increase operational and transaction costs, and represent serious legal and reputational risks.

All companies and organizations affiliated with the Global Compact commit themselves to work with the Global Compact’s Ten Principles, including the tenth principle on anti-corruption which states that “businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

The Global Compact’s concept of anti-corruption is thus broad, and can generally be described as abuse of entrusted power for one’s own gain.


This idea includes a number of conditions, including money laundering, abuse of power for sexual gain (sextortion) and covert lobbying where monetary gifts or gifts of great financial importance are involved.

Increasing the legal requirements for good corporate governance and expectations from customers and the surrounding society means that more and more companies are increasing their focus on concrete measures against corruption. Companies’ work with anti-corruption requires more resources, new knowledge, professional assistance and exchange of experience.

In order to equip our members for their work, and ensure cross-cutting knowledge sharing, we run the network group Action Against Corruption.

About the network group

In the network group, we work to support companies’ work against corruption across industries through the sharing of experience and knowledge between the members of the network group. The secretariat continuously keeps the group updated on new knowledge and concrete tools.

In addition, the group works to increase the visibility of the anti-corruption work of Danish companies, the importance of this work, and how anti-corruption plays together with both the UN’s global goals and the Global Compact’s other principles regarding the environment, labor rights and human rights.

The network group’s activities are based on two main questions:

What is expected when it comes to companies’ work against corruption in terms of regulation, and policy-making requirements, including the UN Convention against Corruption?
How do companies work against corruption, including the concrete process for developing policies, identifying and managing risks, and reporting?

The facilitator for the network is Lene Westergaard from Global Compact Network Denmark’s secretariat. She will provide an exciting program based on presentations both from external presenters, as well as the network’s participants. The meetings will be based on a high degree of professional assistance and exchange of experiences among the participants, in a confidential room.

The network’s target group

The network group is for employees who are responsible for anti-corruption in their company, and addresses all industries.

It can be for employees who want to be better equipped for the task, or those who can inspire other members by sharing knowledge about concrete examples and best practices from their company.

It can also be for organizations that want to contribute to the group’s work with their expertise and knowledge.

If you want to join the group or receive more information, you can reach out to Lene Westergaard. See contact details below.

Lene Westergaard

Head of Programmes

Human Rights, Diversity & Inclusion, Anti-Corruption
(+45) 81 77 77 00