Newsletter #3

Newsletter #3, August 2018


Conference: New Technologies and Business Models for the SDGs

Companies and organizations need new mindsets, business models and disruptive technologies to reach the SDGs. The topic of this conference is the exponential growth opportunities awaiting companies who set out to solve the future’s most pressing challenges. We will be presented with insights and cases from established companies as well as impact start-ups that have the SDGs as their core business model.

Read more about the conference and register by following this link.


Workshop: Human Rights – Policies and Anchering

2018 marks the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and therefore, we aim to put a spotlight on how human rights are implemented in Danish companies through three workshops. The first workshop in the series focus on current and upcoming human rights policies  and will provide guidance on national and international legal obligations and requirements for human rights policies.
This workshop is in Danish.

Read more about this meeting and register by following this link.


Nordic Global Compact Meeting in Copenhagen.

This year all Nordic members of Global Compact will meet in Copenhagen on October 30-31. Novo Nordisk will host the first day and the second day will be specific deep dives in relation to the SDG’s, how to make a good COP etc. Please book your agenda already to discuss human rights and SDGs with other Nordic businesses and organizations.

Press here for registration.