Newsletter #1

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SDG Pioneers 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) lay out a clear vision for a sustainable future and will shape a new era for business. As part of our Making Global Goals Local Business campaign, each year the UN Global Compact celebrates a group of SDG Pioneers — business leaders who are doing an exceptional job to advance the Global Goals through a principles-based approach.

Follow the link below and get more info on how to nominate yourself or someone else.

Apply by 15 June 2018.

Click here for more info.


Working groups

Recently, we launched three working groups, which during the next 12 months will coordinate and facilitate a series of meetings and workshops for our members. The purpose of the working groups is to gain new insights and to inspire – and also to bring our members together.

The Sustainable Development Goals

This working group will put the UN SDGs on the center stage with a specific focus on how the Goals can be integrated into the companies’ business models, and how the Goals can be converted to and aligned with specific business goals. A key element is reporting on the SDGs, but the group will also provide exchange of experience about challenges and ‘best practices’ in relation to general reporting on the SDGs.

Human Rights

The focus of this working group will be centered around the UN Global Compact Ten Princples, The UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. These initiatives sets forth obligations for companies to establish specific processes to develop policy and due diligence on human rights. Over the course of three meetings we will dig into the formalities and how they evolve specifically in our member companies and organisations.

‘Breakthrough Innovation’

The participants of this group will be guided through a series of workshops on design and implementation of radical new business models and technologies. The overall aim is to equip participants with tools that can be used in the companies to work with new technology and in new directions guided by the SDGs. The thinking is that new mindsets, business models, and disruptive technologies are needed to reach the Global Goals.

We have partnered up with PA Consulting who will carry out the content of the first workshops. Therefore, we are also happy to inform you that the initial session will be held on the 6th of June from 08.00-11.00.

For registration and more info, please contact

Follow this link for general registration for the three working groups.


Global Compact Academy

The UN Global Compact Academy is designed to give particpants the knowledge and skills they need to meet their sustainability objectives. Delivered through a series of online learning sessions taught by world-class experts, the Academy will coach participants to develop their understanding of critical topics and build actionable skills. Regardless of your corporate function or where you are on your sustainability journey, the UN Global Compact Academy offers business-friendly solutions and the opportunity to join a highly-engaged learning community.

Up until now, the Academy has hosted three sessions, which can be watched here.

The next Academy session is scheduled to take place 14th of June.

Blueprint for SDG Leadership – Interactive tool

Successful delivery of the 2030 Agenda requires engagement from all businesses. The Blueprint for SDG Leadership provides a framework for those companies aiming towards SDG leadership. The 2030 Agenda needs companies of all sizes and from all regions to contribute. Building on an assessment of the qualities of current and past business action on the SDGs, the Blueprint presents a framework for the next generation of business leadership. The objective of this online tool is to make the Blueprint easy to explore and to spur readers to think in innovative, creative, and ambitious ways about how their own companies can become sustainability leaders.

Access the online tool here

Intern wanted

Global Compact Network Denmark are currently scouting for an ambitious communication intern to join our team in Copenhagen.

Most importantly, we are looking for someone who have a keen interest in working with communications and how this can be used to support our objectives. The candidate must be fluent in Danish and English and have good writing skills. To learn more about the opening, follow this link (in Danish).