Workshop: Disclosing beyond climate

Get an introduction to how your company can work with biodiversity and water-related financial disclosures

Target group: Danish companies interested in expanding their sustainability work and reporting efforts to include biodiversity. Exclusively for member companies of Global Compact Network Denmark.


Biodiversity is crucial to the survival of humanity, and yet we have contributed to the loss of two-thirds of the world’s wildlife population within the past 50 years, and put immense pressure on the ecosystem services we have relied on and benefitted from for centuries (nutrient cycling, climate regulation, pollination etc.).

We must restore our relationship with nature in the face of this biodviersity crisis, and companies can play a huge role in reducing its negative impacts and maximizing its postive influences on nature. 

However, the biodiversity-related activities companies carry out must be documented using standards and benchmarks, to provide a reliable and transparent overview for their stakeholders – particularly investors. That is the theme of this workshop.

The workshop

In this workshop facilitated by Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB), we will provide you with practical suggestions on how to prepare biodiversity and water-related financial information, and how to incorporate them into your company’s annual report.

You will be introduced to useful resources and examples of good practice, and you will get a chance to discuss reporting on biodiversity and on water with companies similar to yours.

Practical information

  • Free of charge and exclusively for member companies of Global Compact Network Denmark.
  • Maximum capacity 30 participants
  • Limit of two participants per company
  • Companies with an ‘Advanced’ Communication on Progress will be prioritized

About CDSB

CDSB is an international consortium of business and environmental NGOs. They are committed to advancing and aligning the global mainstream corporate reporting model to equate natural capital with financial capital.

In 2011, CDSB published the CDSB Framework for reporting environmental and climate change information in corporate mainstream report (e.g. annual financial filings), which has been a crucial reference and source for the TCFD recommendations on climate-related financial disclosures.

CDSB has since published topic-specific application guidance documents to the framework to expand the scope from climate to the wider environment: climate (in 2020), water (in August 2021) and biodiversity (November 2021).

Learn more about CDSB

January 27, 2022

13.00 – 15.00 CET

Online via Zoom

Deadline for registration:
The maximum amount of participants have been reached, and the registration has been closed.


13:00: Welcome address from Global Compact Network Denmark

13:05: Introduction to the biodiversity and water-related financial disclosures

  • Biodiversity and water in the global agenda
  • Connecting biodiversity and water to climate (TCFD) and to financial reporting.
  • The business case for why companies should disclose beyond climate.
  • Moving to mandatory – the policy landscape.

13:15: Biodiversity-related disclosures

  • Key characteristics of biodiversity and of biodiversity-business interactions.
  • Overview of the core reporting elements: (1) governance, (2) strategy, policy and targets,
    (3) risks and opportunities, and (4) metrics and performance, (5) outlook and scenario
  • Examples of good practice.

13:40: Water-related disclosures

  • Key characteristics of water and of water-business interactions.
  • Overview of the core reporting elements: (1) governance, (2) strategy, policy and targets,
    (3) risks and opportunities, and (4) metrics and performance, (5) outlook
  • Examples of good practice.

14:00: Break

14:10: Group discussions

  • Discussions about key challenges and how to overcome them.

14:35: Practical next steps

  • CDSB checklist
  • Building an implemetation roadmap

14:45: Q&A

14:55: Closing statements

15.00: End of workshop

    Joachim Marc Christensen

    Head of Programmes

    Climate & Environment / Klima & Miljø
    (+45) 26 92 99 75

    Caroline Ottesen

    Executive Assistant