Webinar: Scope 2 and the Market-Based Method

– Deep dive into Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

How can you make sure that your purchased energy is in fact renewable and represent real emissions reductions?

Target group: all companies interested in or already engaged in emission reductions, especially in regards to energy supply. The event is exclusively for members of one of the Nordic Global Compact networks.

On the journey towards net zero, many companies turn to renewable energy as an effective way to reduce emissions. With more and more companies committing to targets of 100% renewable energy within the next 1-5 years PPAs are gaining more attention. But what is a PPA and what practical, financial and legal considerations need to be accounted for?

In this webinar, you will get insights into the concept of engaging in long-term green energy agreements between companies and energy suppliers – whether you are a small, medium or large company. You will also hear from two companies about their considerations and process around committing to a PPA, and they will share advice based on their experiences.

We will close the webinar with the opportunity to ask the speakers questions through a moderated Q&A session.

March 23, 2022

10 – 11.30 CET

Online via Zoom

Free of charge for members of one of the Nordic Global Compact networks

Deadline for registration:
March 21, 2022



What does it mean when companies enter a PPA with an energy company? And how do large energy consumers and companies decarbonise our energy system through corporate PPAs?

Anne Zaff, External Climate Advisor, Global Compact Network Denmark

What is a PPA and how does it work?
Peter Munck Søe-Jensen, Executive Vice President for Power Solutions, Better Energy

Cases – Companies entering PPAs

  • How to balance risk vs. opportunities when considering entering into a PPA agreement?
    Kristian Højland, Senior Climate Advisor, Nykredit

  • How to decide whether to invest in a PPA over guarantees of origin? How does companies ensure that their choices actually contribute to the green transition of our energy systems?
    Peter Søndergaard Andersen, Head of Sustainability, TDC NET

Moderated Q&A Session

Portrætbillede af Jeanette Dehliz

Anne Zaff

External Climate Advisor