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SDG Pioneers

Application & Selection Process

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Who can apply?

Please note that the application and selection processes below refer to the 2019 SDG Pioneers campaign. Changes might occur in the 2020 campaign.

Young professionals (35 and under) who are working at any level of a UN Global Compact Participant or Signatory company are eligible to apply or be nominated.

To check whether an organization is a UN Global Compact Participant or Signatory company, please search the participant list online. If your company has yet to select its engagement tier, please see here for more information and to select your engagement tier.

You are only eligible to apply or be nominated if you are either employed by the company or its subsidiary.

For the 2019 SDG Pioneers, we only consider companies who have joined the UN Global Compact by 30 September 2018 and have submitted at least 1 Communication on Progress (CoP). If your company joined after 30 September 2018, please consider applying in the 2020 SDG Pioneers campaign.

The UN Global Compact reserves the right to remove the SDG Pioneer recognition if the company and/or individual is later deemed to be a reputational risk to the SDG Pioneer campaign and/or the UN Global Compact initiative.

How to apply

You can nominate yourself or a colleague at your company, or someone you know from another UN Global Compact participating company.

That individual will then be contacted to ensure their willingness to be considered and the accuracy of the submitted information.

The Danish campaign accepts nominations between 15 February until 15 April 2019.

Review and selection process

After the nomination period, two members of the Global Compact Network Denmark’s Secretariat will choose five candidates to be reviewed by an external panel of experts.

The SDG Pioneers external reviewer committee will be comprised of representatives from the Global Compact Network Board Members, UN, Government Representatives, Academia, and civil society.

The selection group will assess the candidates and choose the Danish winner of the 2019 SDG Pioneers campaign.

The winner will be recognized in Copenhagen in May and will then have the opportunity to be among the UN’s 10 global SDG Pioneers to be recognized during the 2019 UN General Assembly in September in New York.

Selection criteria

The Selection Group will vote on the nominees based on a set of five criteria:

  1. Company success: Has the nominee personally contributed to creating a positive impact on sustainable development while contributing to the company’s overall success?
  2. SDG Innovations: Has the nominee played a leading role in developing a product, service, or business model that supports sustainable development broadly?
  3. Awareness and Mobilization: Has the nominee engaged, mobilized, inspired, and rallied colleagues and external stakeholders to support the sustainable development agenda?
  4. Ten Principles: Has the nominee demonstrated implementation of the Ten Principles in the project/initiative and has the nominee helped apply the Principles more broadly throughout business operations?
  5. Engagement with the UN Global Compact Network Denmark: Has the nominee collaborated with the local network to advance the SDGs?
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