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The UN Global Compact is proud to introduce the Young SDG Innovators Programme (YSIP), a development programme designed to accelerate business innovation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Young SDG Innovators Programme activates future business leaders and changemakers and challenges them to rethink traditional business models and unlock new business opportunities.

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Young SDG Innovator’s Programme

The UN Global Compact Young SDG Innovators Programme (YSIP) engages young professionals from companies participating in the UN Global Compact around the world to learn how to use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as a catalyst for the development of new products and services.

Each team of young Innovators will, over the course of 10 months, work on a challenge specific to their company with the goal of designing more sustainable business models, initiatives and products that will advance the company’s sustainability efforts while driving innovation and delivering tangible solutions with potential market value.

YSIP is running for the first time in 2019/2020 in 11 countries and in the Danish Network are 37 Innovators represented from 20 different companies.

Global Compact Network Denmark expects to run YSIP again in 2021/2022.


Call for nominations:
May – September 2019

Programme begins: 
October 2019

Programme ends:
June 2020

YSIP 2019/2020

35 talented Innovators from 19 different companies are participating in the YSIP in Denmark. The Innovators have different backgrounds and represent both small and large companies from a range of different industries. But they have one thing in common: a passion for sustainability.

The Innovators represent the following companies:

  • AIP Management
  • Bacher Workwear
  • Coze
  • Danfoss
  • Danske Bank
  • Demant
  • DFDS
  • Dovista
  • EKF Danmarks Eksportkredit
  • GN Store Nord
  • Metroselskabet
  • Nordea
  • Orifarm
  • PA Consulting
  • Rainmaking Innovation Corporation
  • TDC
  • Velux
  • AAK

Who can participate?

As a company member of the Global Compact Network Denmark, your company is eligible to nominate up to three high-performing young professionals for YSIP who are 35 years or younger and interested in business model innovation, sustainability, and disruptive technologies.

There is no set definition for the age of a young professional. Young professionals can be categorized as working individuals anywhere between the ages of 21 to 40. The age of 35 was selected as the upper age limit for the programme given that many demographic and population statistical organizations recognize young adulthood at being between the ages of 18 and 34.

The programme is designed to target employees that do not yet have senior management responsibilities and therefore have more time to dedicate to a 10-month development programme.

All companies participating in the UN Global Compact are eligible to take part in the programme as long as they are based in a country whose Global Compact Local Network is participating.

What do you commit to?

As a participating YSIP company, you commit to:

  • Selecting up to three Innovators to take part in the programme for the full duration of 10-months;
  • Allowing Innovators the time needed for full participation in the programme
  • Identifying  a Champion who will support the Innovator team internally within the company

Innovators are expected to attend five in-person 2-day workshops throughout the course of 10 months in addition to spending approximately 2-3 hours per week on online learning and activities, and group project development.

If you feel like you meet the programme’s requirements, you can also apply for yourself. However, all participants are required to have a Champion internally in the company.

Programme benefits

The Young SDG Innovators programme is designed to engage your company’s brightest and best talent in not only advancing your sustainability efforts but driving innovation and delivering tangible solutions with potential market value for your company.

Participant benefits

Learning and development resources.
A comprehensive curriculum with a blend of learning opportunities, including online and in-person workshops, case studies, company visits, and forum discussions.

Professional experience.
Connect with other business units and collaborate on innovative projects relative to the company and industry.

Coaching, mentoring and peer-to-peer networking opportunities.
Build working relationships and learn from some of the brightest minds working on sustainability and innovation from around the world.

Be part of a global network of leading young professionals from some of the top companies across every continent.

Company benefits

Accelerate integration of the SDGs into your company’s business strategy through collaboration, innnovation, and knowledge sharing.

Create a culture of innovation to address the SDGs and showcase the programme’s tangible outputs and results.

Increase employee engagement and professional development opportunities for valued talent, including:

  • High-quality, cutting-edge, and inspirational workshops from thought-leaders in the sustainability and disruptive technology fields.
  • Opportunities to provide mentorship and leadership in the programme, collaborate with innovation experts, and share best practices.
  • Tools, resources, and expertise by some of the leading innovative companies.

Gain global recognition for participation in the programme.


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